The Owner Free File System

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The Owner Free File System (OFF System)(OFFS) is the world's first "brightnet". It facilitates legal data sharing activity over its network through the use of its ingenious data storage mechanisms. This allows it to perform its operations in the open without divulging the privacy, intent, or security of its network participants. The storage mechanism is unique in that it never stores whole files but instead stores completely random data blocks which contain large randomly generated numbers. These blocks have no discrete mapping to any single file but instead are shared by infinite combinations of data representations that are arbitrarily created by its users. This creates a universal public storage cloud with similar properties as national public radio or public broadcasting. Unlike torrents who’s life span stems from the popularity of individual files, files represented in the off system are constantly extending their availability as new files are being represented. Because no one can own mathematics or numbers neither can users own the blocks of data thus making the file system "owner free". The key to retrieving a file from the network is the URL for the data representation created by its importer. This provides the variables to the equation for file retrieval and can be accessed by any web browser or HTTP client. No tangible works, files, or copyrighted materials cross the network boundaries nor are they contained by the local storage maintained by the application nodes.

Current Work

The current implementation is being maintained by Prometheus: The Social Currency Network on Github at

Prior Work

The original implementation is credited to The Big Hack and an older version can be found on SourceForge at

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